About Us

About Us

MAZ MILLIONS (Pty) Ltd is a local Seychellois owned company.

MAZ MILLIONS (Pty) Ltd is a local Seychellois owned company licensed by the Seychelles Licensing Authority for a Games of Chance License. The company opened its doors at Unity House, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles on 1st December 2017. The first activity was the launch of a local first ever multi-million rupee cash lottery in Seychelles. That was to be the first of two major lotteries to be held on the islands in one year. The first draw on 30th June 2018, and the second 30th December 2018.

Lottery Prizes

A total of 15 prizes will be drawn each which will be held three times a year – JANUARY, MAY and, SEPTEMBER.
The prizes will be as follows and will include choice leisure activities, local transportation, and
accommodation on half board.