Domestic Local Lottery

The first ever in the Seychelles island one single lottery with the ability to win millions SCR.

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Maz Million the only lottery in Seychelles that can make you a millionaire. Terms and conditions apply.

Draw Date – 6/10/2019

MAZ MILLIONS Mini Maz Winners

Draw Date – 6/10/2019

Prize Amount Winner Name Address Ticket No.
Star SR 1.5 Million Bibianne Bristol Pascal Village 09806
1st Prize SR 1 Million R. Morel Victoria 16122
2nd Prize SR 500,000/- Yvon Bistoquet Beau Vallon 17462
3rd Prize SR 250,000/- Steven Esparon Anse Royale 01823
4th Prize SR 150,000/- Daniel Venus Mont Buxton 19082
5th Prize SR 100,000/- Jeanne Adette Hoareau Glacis 16092
6th Prize SR 80,000/- Zara Madeleine Anse Des Genets 02875
7th Prize SR 60,000/- Rowena Uzice anse Aux Pins 27044
8th Prize SR 50,000/- Terry Payet Anse Louis 10931
9th Prize SR 40,000/- Nerrick Payet & Aiden Isaac Rocher Bois 25694
10th Prize Sr 35,000/- Sarah Victor Anse Des Genets 25096
11th Prize SR 30,000/- Effie Lemiel Roche Caiman 20020
12th Prize SR 25,000/- Sabrina Agathine Marie-Jeanne Estate Praslin 24017
13th Prize SR 20,000/- Malita Laira Pointe Larue 15437
14th Prize SR 15,000/- PRQ Pointe Au Sel 07018
15th Prize SR 10,000/- Dave Souffe Grande Anse Praslin 12406
16th Prize SR 5000/- Michael Mein Beau Bel 16727
17th Prize SR 3000/- Valentine Camille Plaisance 08774
18th Prize SR 2500/- I.J.R. Moncherry Les Mamelles 01767
19th Prize SR 2000/- Cecile Moncherry Ma Constance 11135
20th Prize SR 1000/- Chloe Testa La Louise 18588

About Maz Millions

MAZ MILLIONS (Pty) Ltd is a local Seychellois owned company licensed by the Seychelles Licensing Authority for a Games of Chance License. The company opened its doors at Unity House, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles on 1st December 2017.